Growing up in small town New Liskeard, ON, rock artist Jamie Grey (formerly known as country singer Jamie Gabbani) found herself longing for life beyond the walls of northern suburbia. Where isolation meets the most supportive of communities, it became second nature for Jamie to use her home as a safe space to daydream about bigger things, while spending virtually all of her time honing her craft as a singer-songwriter. Influenced by artists like Janis Joplin, Jewel and Melissa Etheridge, Jamie’s love for music lead her to early studies in songwriting, classical singing, and musical theatre. Lacking the distractions of a fast paced city life, yet later standing face to face with the darker coping mechanisms of suburban boredom, Jamie chose to focus all of her energy into her art and used her voice as an escape. Jamie’s undeniable passion eventually culminated in her relocation to Toronto to continue her studies while also writing and recording her debut country-pop EP, “One Shot Life”.



A graduate from Seneca College’s Independent Music Production and Songwriting/Performance programs, Jamie’s skills and musical tastes have grown along with her live show; now comprised of a rock line up that features four upcoming local musicians with whom she performs with regularly on the Canadian music circuit. Her most recent performance highlights include a supporting slot for Tim Hicks and Kiefer Sutherland Band at North Bay’s ‘Summer in the Park’ in which she debuted the new elements of her developed show and sound. 


“When I started covering Janis and Zeppelin songs, I felt like something had opened up inside of me. I loved how it felt to rock out, and amid me having all of these conversations about the grey area in life, I knew that this was a better way to express myself. I needed to write music that embodied the intensity and release of my story, where everything wasn’t so pretty all the time. I knew that I had to do something big so that I could legitimately make the shift, and the best way I knew how was to create my alter ego, Jamie Grey.”


Now back in the studio working on an 8 song LP, Jamie has new stories to tell with the same penchant for catchy melodies, the same dynamic range and unique vocal colour, and an exciting new rock sound that promises to be louder and more honest than anything she’s done before. 


Jamie’s personal struggles have intensified her musical world helping her to capture her story more accurately. Jamie Grey is an artist that pours every piece of herself into her music and performances, reminding us that life is never black and white and sometimes we have to paint with big, bold, messy, overlapping strokes to find our true voice, even if it means totally reinventing ourselves.